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PPC company UAE makes you reach your business targets. We come up with different kinds of highly engaging ads which include video ads, conversation ads, Display ads, Gmail Sponsored Ads and many others to upgrade your business in the best way possible.

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What Sets Us Apart

Make Your Dreams True with Our PPC Marketing Agency

We adopt the intelligent strategy towards PPC marketing and management by which we utilize your general PPC financial plan and make this medium an ideal and minimal effort marking the web-based access for your online business.

Our specialist PPC marketing services with advanced solutions depend on arranging, execution, and detailing, which are conveyed entirely through a smoothed-out procedure we comprehend. By adopting an individualized strategy, we keep every single customer of our service with every single step of the progression of a PPC campaign.

Benefit From ROI Analysis & Optimization Services

We ensure to make a sound well yet more grounded about ROI rate and we make it conceivable by getting more traffic to your site. Our emphasis is on boosting your deals and we guarantee this by operating incredible PPC campaigns so an increasing number of visitors come, click on their PPC and turn into your client.

We offer the best PPC Optimization and ROI Analysis Service, and we help you by our specialist ROI Analysis and Optimization procedure and solutions. Join our PPC, the management UAE agency instantly, we will prepare every one of your needs and convey your ideal outcomes!

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Our Related Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our seasoned SEO Experts create an effective plan that will allow you to rank higher in search engine results than your competition. Not only will our plan increase traffic to your website , but it will also optimise landing pages to maximise conversions and sales.


App Store Optimization

App store optimization(ASO) services are critical in today's world. To gain downloads and sufficient traffic to their app, every online business app needs ASO services. In this regard, Digital Graphiks is the place to go for the top ASO Services in the UAE.

ecommerce web design

Content Writing Services

We provide the most optimized, most influential content writing services in UAE UAE. We deal in all kinds of content writing services like website copy, ebooks. press releases, white papers, video scripts, blog posts/newsletters & email Marketing.

Trusted by

  • Huawei
  • VMware
  • Rhino
  • Katwalk
  • Ingram
  • Dell Technologies
  • Majid Al Futaim
  • That
  • Huawei
  • VMware
  • Rhino
  • Katwalk
  • Ingram
  • Dell Technologies
  • Majid Al Futaim
  • That

Our Clients

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Roy YaqoubJorgen Jarve Managing Director, Rhino Corporation LLC Rhino Corporation LLC

I’ve been working with Digital Graphiks on a couple of mission-critical web-based systems for Rhino Corporation LLC. The company showed high level of skill on all project phases starting with research, development, UI to QA and support. It was a pleasure to work with team as they showed true interest in quality and effectiveness of the solution, something you would expect from mature western development company.

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Why Us

An award winning PPC company in UAE making sure high conversions rate

We see all your digital business needs and, in this way, offer the progressed PPC marketing services. PPC Ad Marketing Service incorporates different web improvement exercises, for example, manual bid optimization, keyword match type selection & refinement/expansion, display campaign targeting, analytics improvements, retargeting campaign tactics, geo-targeting improvements, new beta releases, and much more in a row.

Generate Leads on your Landing Pages with Our PPC Company UAE Team

Any PPC management company can perform much better for you when they have a strong grip over PPC ad campaigns. Creating great ads is the first half of the battle. Controlling the landing pages of a website is the second yet most crucial part of a PPC campaign. When your website is visited by a visitor, it is necessary to ensure you’re providing such a visitor with an experience driving further action. Each landing page needs simplicity and should include a clear call to action. Our PPC management experts assist you to increase leads and conversion rates, while reducing per conversion cost as well.

How we Optimize a PPC Campaign

Certainly, For the best results possible from PPC marketing campaigns. To do this, we consider the following best practices for optimizing campaigns.

  • Write Killer Copy

    Writing your ad copy is the most important role you have to play in PPC advertising. After all, it's the only thing a reader will see to potentially entice them to visit your website. Ideally, you want your ad copy to have a killer "hook" and a clear call to action. Some experts recommend using statistics in your copy to increase your credibility.

  • Create Goals

    Clearly defined goals are essential for getting the most from a campaign. For example, do you want to sell more of a specific product, increase your overall sales by X%, or maybe get 100 new customers.

  • Set a Budget

    Setting up a budget is how much we want to spend on our PPC campaign per month. We have been charged your keyword rate each time a person clicks on an ad. The good news is that we can add more money to your account at any time if your campaign really takes off.

  • Choose Your Channels Wisely

    The channel is important to your campaign's success. You want a channel where the target audience is likely to frequent.

  • Target the Right Audience

    Speaking of target audiences, we have to make sure that we have correctly identified the right audience for product or service.

  • Choose the Right Keywords

    Selecting keywords are an integral part of a PPC campaign. Spend a little time to get this part right and use the tools your ad platform provides.

  • Add Negative Keywords

    Negative keywords can be very useful in keeping the ad away from those interested in your overall topic, but not products or service.

  • Test Ad Copy

    Once you've written your ad copy, it's time to test it. Do this by choosing a campaign and seeing how well it performs. It's a good idea to test two different ads for the same product and see which one performs the best.

  • Build Stellar Landing Pages

    Your landing pages, the pages that the people who click on your ads are forwarded to, need to be your best work. These pages are the first impression that your potential customer is going to have of your company — and you have to grab them quickly. The average internet user decides within 10 seconds whether to stay on a website or exit to look at something else.

  • Test Landing Pages

    Before running ad copy we always go through with test copy. We can set up two different pages for the same product and see which one leads to the most conversions.

  • Measure & Tweak

    Lastly, it's not enough to set up campaigns and do the initial tests. It's important to keep an eye on your metrics and make small changes when a campaign is lagging. If we find out that low performing pages and replace them with a new campaign.

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