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Logo design company UAE , UAE will make a logo that would make your brand look the best among your competitors. Our beautifully designed logo creates more authentic brand acknowledgment

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What Sets Us Apart

Businesses Will Surely Succeed With Our Creative Logo Designs

Our innovative and creative approach towards business logo design has benefited all of our clients. All of our clients have used the business logos we designed for them and have highly benefited from them. This is because each design our best logo designers provided; our clients were not only according to their expectations but they were beyond their expectations! Our clients trust us with our work and surely intend to partner with us in the future and recommend us to others as well.

Best Logo Designs Shrouded with Creativity and Uniqueness

In order to take our services and end results to the next level, our logo design agency also designed 3d logo animation. Also, it doesn't matter what kind of logo you want; we make sure to give you the best without any need of involving other parties. Once we start your project, we also end it by ourselves without any third party involvement. Whether it be a 3D logo design or a minimalistic logo design, our logo maker works with full commitment to give you the end result you could only dream of!

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Our Related Services

Accounts & Finance Logo

Get an impeccable logo for your accounting firm to help you stand out in Dubai, UAE. Our designers have years of experience in designing accounts & finance logos to grab the eyes of their target audience.

Animals & Pets Logo

For a small business entailing services of pets and animals, we can help you in creating a unique business logo in no time. Take your business to the next level by having a distinctive logo for your pets and animals business.

Art & Design Logo

Businesses working in the art & design sector can only create a strong first impression if they have a robust logo that sets them apart from others for creating an appealing art & design logo. Collaborate with the best logo design company in Dubai, UAE.

Architecture & Interior Designing Logo

For you to stand out for your architecture and interior designing logo, you can get your target customers insight into the exceptional services you are offering.

Automotive & Industrial Supply Logo

Looking for an amazing automotive & industrial supply logo? Get the services of Digital Graphiks to create one in no time. Our company has years of experience in creating logos for companies in every industry of Dubai, UAE.

Child Care & Babysitting Logo

Small businesses like child care and babysitting have difficulty getting the attention of their target audience. But with an intriguing logo that you get by availing of our services, you can achieve that goal without any hassle.

Cleaning & Maintenance Logo

For businesses offering services of cleaning and maintenance in Dubai, UAE, what you need is an engaging logo to help you stand out from the heap. And that is what our services focus on giving you.

Cosmetics & Beauty products Logo

As the business of cosmetics and makeup is growing in Dubai, UAE, what you need is an appealing cosmetics & beauty products logo that will get you a competitive edge over others. We help you in giving you all that you need to take your business to the next level.

Dental & Surgical Instruments Logo

Even individuals and businesses offering products in dental and surgical instruments need a logo to be competitive in a market like Dubai, UAE. That is why our designers use every trick in the book to design a logo that sets you apart from the crowd.

Education & Training Logo

Take your educational institutions to the pinnacle of success by getting an engaging and appealing education and training logo from Digital Graphiks. We know the nitty-gritty of each sector that we incorporate into your logo design.

Entertainment & Media Logo

What helps a business working in the entertainment & media industry to succeed? It is the exceptional logo design that a professional designer creates to leave an impact on the minds of the masses.

Event Planning & Management Logo

Since Dubai is always in the limelight for amazing events, the best way to capitalize on such opportunities for event planning and management companies is by having an impeccable logo. And that is where our services come into play, which is renowned throughout Dubai, UAE.

Fashion & Textile Logo

The growing fashion market mandates that you have an exceptional logo for your business to stand out in a hyper-competitive market like Dubai, UAE. And we are here to help you out with it by giving you the best logo design services in town.

Food & Drink Logo

Want to dominate in the restaurant industry? Then, partner with Digital Graphiks to get an exceptional food and drink logo through which you can leave a mark on the minds of your customers.

Gift & Décor Logo

Any business in the Gift & Décor sector looking to transgress their progress in a market like Dubai, UAE needs an impeccable logo through which they can grab the target audience's attention in no time. So, get the services of Digital Graphiks to save yourself from the hassle of finding a logo design company.

Healthcare & Technology Logo

Show your clients that your services in the healthcare and technology field are all about empathy and affection by designing a compelling logo. Our streamlined process helps you get the best logo design to deliver the correct message to your clients.

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Logo

Logos are imperative for a hospital and clinical pharmacy. And that is why our designers who bring years of experience to the table use the right color combination and typography to present you with a robust logo.

Hotel & Motel Logo

Do you have a hotel or motel in Dubai, UAE? Then, get the services of logo design from Digital Graphiks to get an engaging logo. By having an intriguing logo, you will be able to attract new visitors without going through a lot of hassle.

Internet & Computer Logo

Get a compelling internet & computer logo from the hands of one of the best designers in Dubai, UAE. Our designers have polished their skills over the years to deliver you the logo just the way you want it.

IT & Networking Logo

Are you looking to build an IT & networking logo? Then, don't look any further because we are here to help you out with it. Be it anything relating to the IT sectors; our designers are up for the challenge!

Law & Attorney Logo

Take leverage through a compelling law & attorney logo to take your law firm to the next level. Our services cater to both the firms and individuals practicing law as per their needs for a logo.

Logistics & Supply Chain Logo

Dive into the highly competitive industry of logistics and supply chain with a remarkable logo. Our services entail analyzing the needs of each industry and then incorporating its solution into the logo of the brand.

Manufacturer & Industrial Logo

For a manufacturer or industrial business, what you need is a logo that is not only exceptional; but can deliver the message of a solution that the industry needs in Dubai, UAE. And our logo design services are all about it!

Medical & Pharmaceutical Logo

Digital Graphiks offers its premium logo design services for companies working in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in Dubai, UAE; so they can get a logo just the way they have envisioned it

Non-Profit & Charity (NGO) Logo

Send out the perfect message about your NGO or charitable organizations by getting the best logo design services in Dubai, UAE. Our designers can help you incorporate the idea of your organization into your logo to deliver the message of the noble cause.

Photography & Video Logo

Photography and video are all about giving an aesthetic appeal when someone looks at them. And you can't give one without applying the same rule for your logo. So, take the services of the best company in Dubai, UAE, for logo design.

Physical Fitness & Gym Logo

Businesses looking to increase their foothold in the physical fitness and the gym industry can do this by getting the best logo design services in Dubai, UAE. So, let's collaborate to increase the customer base of your business.

Real Estate & Construction Logo

As the lucrative real estate and construction market of Dubai, UAE, offers immense opportunities, it is vital to have an outstanding logo to take advantage of those opportunities. So, collaborate with one of the best companies when it comes to logo designing.

Restaurant & Lounge Logo

Bring the crowd to your restaurant & lounge by having a distinctive that becomes the center of attention in Dubai, UAE. Using the expertise of designers at Digital Graphiks, you can get a custom logo in no time!

Sales & Marketing Logo

Sales & Marketing is all about creating an impression to persuade your buyers. And what better to convince your buyers than a logo that defines your business's goals and aims. So, get a logo design for your business from Digital Graphiks to take leverage of it.

SPA & Saloon Logo

Want to attract clients and reach your target audience for your SPA or saloon? Then, the only way to do that is by creating a unique logo with the help of Digital Graphiks that will give you a competitive edge over others.

Monogram Logo Design

If you are looking to create a compelling monogram logo design? Avail services of Digital Graphiks, and we can use your initials to create one of the most unique logo designs.

Hand-drawn Logo Design

With a hand-drawn logo design, you can get a crafty piece of merchandise made with perfection. In addition, our services make sure that we deliver you the logo just the way you have envisioned.

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  • Huawei
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Our Clients

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Archie FranklinArchie Franklin Creative Director Director, Secret Avenue Secret Avenue Icon

Logo design is not everyone’s cup of tea and Digital Graphiks have taken expertise in logo designing with expert members in their team. We always reach out to Digital Graphiks for logo designs as they have extraordinary designs.

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Why Us

Our Specialized Logo Design Team Offers Professional Logo Services

"We strive towards giving our clients a logo that leaves a strong first impression."

We know our clients need and want a logo that not only attracts a customer but also influences them into wanting to learn more. We understand that when it comes to a logo, you only have one chance, and you have to get it right. Therefore, you need the best designers to give you the best logo designs. We have the skilled designers you need, and our past will give you an idea that we aren't all talk but also get the job done as we promise!

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We have proven ourselves to be recognized among top logo design companies in UAE through our hard work.

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We offer reasonable logo design cost to make your brand memorable and recognizable for the audience

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Our logo makers have the knowledge and tools to ensure our customers are satisfied with the end result.

Digital Graphiks; a Well Recognized Logo Design Services in UAE

We ensure to give our clients the best logo design aligned with their requirements, needs and brief.

Phases Of Logo Design

Crafting a logo demands going through multiple steps and landing on a mesmerizing logo. Following are the steps we follow and make the audience win for our client.

  • Gauge the Brand

    We clearly understand and learn about the client’s brand; to come up with the best end product. By gauging thoroughly the nature of the brand and target audience of the business; we aim to set benchmarks.

  • What’s Competitor Doing

    We carry out in-depth research about what competition is doing and what the client’s target audience demands are the pivotal part of our research. We ensure to finely comb every aspect of a competitor.

  • Brainstorming Ideas

    This is the fun part! Our talented logo designers and clients sit together to brainstorm ideas regarding logos. The client is leveraged to bring its idea to the table so we get closer to the client’s demand.

  • Sketching or Drafting

    After finalizing the idea, a sketch or draft is prepared to give a rough idea about the end product. This phase sets the foundation of how the end product will look like. Any changes can be demanded at this stage.

  • Breathing Life into It

    After approval, the designers breathe life into the draft and prepare it. The logo is executed via the screen. A mutually agreed color palette is used. The logo is refined and carved – whatever satisfies the client.

  • Handing It Over

    Once the client is satisfied with the end product i.e. logo, it is delivered to the client with a surety that the client is satisfied and all boxes are marked okay according to the agreement.


  • How will I determine if my logo is suitable?

    Professionals say, usually there are 3 checkpoints on which you can assess your logo. The first one is if it speaks to your audience. Second one is if it tells the nature of the brand and the values it stands for. And the third one is if it makes the audience remember your brand

  • How much would it take to design my logo?

    The cost of the logo will range anywhere from free to $1000, and it would also depend on factors like how professional your designer is and how much expertise does your designer have and how much sophistication you want in your logo

  • How can I get a free logo design?

    There are many free softwares available online where you can design your own logo, but they lack professionalism, identity and class. It is always better to hire a professional logo designer to create a authoritative brand identity

  • How many types of logos are there?

    There are seven kinds of logos which are Monogram logos, Wordmarks, Pictorial marks, Abstract logo marks, Mascots, The combination mark and The emblem.

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